The Massasauga Provincial Park stretches along the coast of Georgian Bay from Parry Sound to the Moon River and takes in hundreds of islands and inland lakes. A visit to “the Mass” means exploring a striking landscape of colourful gneiss rocks, narrow bays and inlets.

The park provides a sanctuary for many species at risk including their namesake, the massasauga rattlesnake, Blanding’s turtle, eastern hog-nosed snake and the whip-poor- will.

More to Explore

Baker Trail 5.5 km (estimated 3 hours). Moderate-difficult

This trail starts at Calhoun Lodge and leads to the Baker pioneer homestead. Side trails branch to the shore, ideal for picnicking.

Moon Island Trail 4km (estimated 2 hours). Moderate-difficult

This trail is accessed from the Wood’s Bay Day-Use site. The trail traverses various terrain and forest types with impressive lookouts onto Georgian Bay. There are excellent opportunities to view waterfowl, a heron rookery and beaver pond. Along the trail you can see signs of wildlife including moose, deer, bear, and grouse.

Wreck Island Trail 1.5 km (estimated 1 hour). Moderate-difficult

The 30,000 Islands have claimed many ships in the past and Wreck Island is thought to be the final resting place for The Waubuno. This boat went down in late November 1879 with the loss of all passengers and crew. If you’re walking the west side of the island on a windy day, it’s easy to imagine how the boat could have run into trouble.

Wreck Island trail offers a fantastic opportunity to view incredible geological formations. The trail includes nine interpretive stops at which geological features are pictured and described in a free trail guide which is available at the start of the trail.

Strong paddling and navigation skills are required for Georgian Bay.

Learn about a couple of species at risk in this area.


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The Massasauga Provincial Park

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Location Information

Massasauga Provincial Park must be accessed by boat and motor boats are not permitted on inland lakes. Camping permits are required for the 139 marked campsites.

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Local Resources

Explore this amazing place with help from local resources:

Massasauga Provincial Park

The Massasauga Provincial Park is a provincial park in Parry Sound District, Ontario, Canada, stretching from the town of Parry Sound south to the Moon River. The park has an area of 131.05 km.

Moon River Marine

As a port, our mission at Moon River Marine is to provide the assurance of safe passage by storing and maintaining our guests' boats in the most professional manner.


Species at Risk in the Spotlight

Five Lined Skink

Ontario’s only lizard, the five-lined skink finds essential habitat on the rock barrens of the Living Edge Trail.  You may spot the flash of the bright blue trail as the skink darts between rocks.  The five-lined skink is considered a species of special concern on the Canadian Shield. The Carolinian population is actually considered to be endangered since it survives in only a few fragmented areas near Lake Erie.

Report your sightings of this threatened critter.

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Massasauga Rattlesnake

Massasauga rattlesnakes are Ontario’s only venomous snake, and although its venom is potent, this is a small snake with small fangs and a limited amount of venom. Snake bites are rare and readily prevented by wearing proper footwear. If you see or hear a rattlesnake, simply leave it alone! If you give the snake room it will retreat.

For more information on how to prevent and treat rattlesnake bites – Snake Safety Tips.

Report your sightings of this threatened critter.

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