The 8 km Lynx Loop Trail is located within a trails network for hiking, biking and skiing. With over 30km of winter trails, Georgian Nordic offers performance (combined classic and skate), backcountry skiing, and snowshoe trails. In non-snow season, a range of mountain bike trails is available including single track biking trails.

Habitat varies greatly along the trail, from rock barrens to forests and wetlands. Depending upon the season, you may hear the classic “sweet Canada, Canada, Canada” call of the white-throated sparrow and spot turtles basking near the wetlands or discover tracks in the snow of the Algonquin wolf or river otter.

Learn about a couple of species at risk in this area.


 4 Nine Mile Lake Road
McDougall, ON P2A 2X2

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Georgian Nordic Outdoor Activity Centre

Nestled among acres of old-growth forest on the rugged Canadian Shield, the volunteer-run GNOAC offers 30+ kilometres of trails open year-round.


Species at Risk in the Spotlight

Eastern Hog-nosed Snake

Eastern hog-nosed snakes are great actors! If threatened, this harmless snake will pretend to be a cobra. If this act doesn’t convince you to leave, the snake may play dead! These defensive behaviours have led to their nicknames of puff adder or blow adder.

Report your sightings of this threatened critter.

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Western Chorus Frog

The tiny western chorus frog is a member of the tree frog family. This threatened species is seldom seen however can be heard in spring with its raspy “cre-ee-ee-eek” call that sounds a bit like a thumbnail drawn over the teeth of a small comb.

Report your sightings of this threatened critter.

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