Sneak through “Hole in the Wall” – a narrow 34 m wide passage between two islands: Huckleberry and Wall. The cliffs reach about 24 meters, and create numerous crevices where windswept white pine and cedars have taken root.

Hole in the Wall is a short 8km boat ride from Parry Sound and about 4km from Killbear Provincial Park. It’s a wonderful opportunity to experience a portion of the famous 30,000 Islands.

Much of the rock that you will see along the way is gneiss (pronounced “nice”). It is recognizable by its colourful alternating pink, grey and black bands. The contorted layers in the gneiss are also partly responsible for the creation of Hole in the Wall. Dark layers in the rock are much more susceptible to weathering, and over time they have eroded to create deep valleys, elongated bays and channels. The lighter layers in the rock are composed of more durable minerals such as quartz and feldspar. These layers are more resistant to erosion and are the base for the 30,000 Islands.

Learn about a couple of species at risk in this area.


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Species at Risk in the Spotlight

Common Map Turtle

Common Map Turtles are typically spotted basking in large groups along the rocky shoreline. They quickly retreat to the water if you venture too close.

Report your sightings of this threatened critter.

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Little Brown Bat

Once the most common bat species in Canada, this small bat is now endangered because of an introduced disease.

Report your sightings of this threatened critter.

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